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Righteous is a community-based nonprofit organization that operates licensed DDD group homes and youth vocational mentoring services. With pioneering evidence-based quality achievements and education programs defining the future of disability development group homes, and wide-ranging community benefit activities, to set new standards for quality and innovation in residential care.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values Mission Statement


Righteous is a nonprofit, developmental disability group home and youth workforce development organization committed to creating a positive environment and improving the health status of the communities we serve through:



  • Leadership and excellence in delivering quality services

  • Educating and training staff and members

  • Strive to improve the quality of life status of the community

Quality residential care is our priority. Providing excellent service quality, offering compassionate care, and supporting education are essential to our mission. This mission is founded on the ethical and cultural precepts of a positive environment, which inspires devotion to the art and science of healing and to the care we give our members and staff.

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