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Youth Mentorship through Sports!



Mentorship Makes A Difference

A mentor is a caring adult friend who devotes time to a young person. A mentor echoes the positive values and cultural heritage that parents and guardians teach.


Mentorship helps a young person define individual goals and find ways to achieve them. Since the expectations of each child will vary, a mentor's job is to encourage the development of a flexible relationship that responds to both the mentor's and the young person's needs.


By sharing fun activities, like sports, and exposing a child to new experiences, mentorship encourages positive choices, promotes high self-esteem, supports academic achievement, and introduces the young person to new ideas.

Donate now to help us transform young lives through sports and mentorship. Every contribution makes a difference and enhances our programs.

We are always looking for volunteers to help support our organization and our mission. We welcome parents, family, and friends to get involved too.

To reach young people and develop their skills, strengths, and character in such a way that they are empowered to go after their dreams and live life without limitations.

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