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The C.D.C. Presentation

The AZ Saints Choices, Decisions, and Consequences Presentation and Workshops are facilitated by:


A very powerful, real-life, four part testimony and performance by the AZ Saints Training Facilitators.


  • The Magic of Your Choices - After 15 years of managing youth development programs, Troy Campbell shows how "The Magic of Your Choices" creates the life you live.


  • Success Is a Choice -  A discussion on how "Success is a Choice" that is made daily from the minds of successful people.


  • Illegal Decisions - Kory Fuller presents what happens when you make "Illegal Decisions" by turning the audience into a Grand Theft Auto crime scene with a live reenactment from the law enforcement perspective after 8 years of police service.


  • Life Changing Consequences - James Wade takes everyone on his journey through his childhood and facing "Life Changing Consequences" a gunshot wound at the age of 17 left James with paralysis.

The C.D.C. Workshops

An eight-week series of one-hour after-school program activities that follow the AZ Saints CDC Presentation with a purpose to provide high-level training for students using our Choices, Decisions, and Consequences (CDC) Positive Youth Development Model to help build the necessary skills to succeed personally and academically. 


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