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The Arizona Saints Organization was started in 2007 by Larry Thomas and a group of parents with children playing in different sports and leagues around the Phoenix area. This dedicated group of parents came together with one similar goal, they wanted their children to be taught the fundamentals of the sport they were playing while learning discipline, and sportsmanship, and boosting their education and character. 


Through these parents and the help of other volunteer coaches, we created the “AZ Saints”. In pursuit of children having fun with their friends, becoming better athletes, and reaching the next level of competition, we have grown as a club. We have competed regionally and nationally. We have held Conference and District championship titles in football and our youth have grown tremendously in academics and social skills because of our collaboration.


We believe that it takes at least one person to make an incredibly powerful impact on a young person's life. It takes at least one person to teach a child values that can change the trajectory of their life. If we all get involved and focus on our youth we can change the future. "Each one, teach one" so that we can change the world that we live in for the better.

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